Katrina’s Kiss

By day, she’s Barbara. She works a day job, has bills, a regular life.
But tonight, she’s Katrina.
And as she sips her drink, her eyes lock on a man.
He approaches her and by the time he begins to speak to her, she’s already got the night planned…

By the morning light, she’s gone, leaving the man with one more kiss…

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“She walked into the dimly lit room, ordered a drink as she walked by the bar, purposely avoiding eye contact with all of the very available, ready to go home with men, sat down at a table in the corner, waited for her drink to come, took a small sip but made it look like a gulp to give the illusion of a woman in need of a good drink (and fuck), crossed her legs, let her red high heel dance against the light from the table, and then uncrossing her legs, opening them every so slightly to give the illusion of seeing what’s between her legs, and finally crossing them again, taking another sip, and looking to the shiny dark wood bar.
Her name was Barbara, but tonight, and most nights, she went by Katrina.
Barbara had a full time job, bills, and debt, never enough to consider it enough – the usual for a normal life. But Katrina…
Katrina liked one thing…”


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