Guest post: Vicky Foxx

Today it’s my pleasure to have Vicky Foxx talk about erotica, writing, and her books.  Enjoy…

As a writer, I’m interested in themes of power and gender. Those threads are extremely prominent in my work. You’ll discover a lot of dominant women in my writing. Conversely, you’ll find men who’ve chosen to surrender or give up some of their power. I think that many men actually fantasize about role reversal, or submission but would never admit it.

I love writing and have been doing so since high-school. I was a drama geek for most of my teens-through-twenties. While in college my professors seriously tried to push me towards Dramaturgy and Playwrighting. But I was more interested in being “on the stage” than “behind the scenes”. After leaving the theater, I re-discovered my love of writing!

Right now I’m pretty excited to have found an editor. It was surprising to find him as he’s an old school chum and creative writing major. He’s pretty damned good, and I feel pretty lucky to have him. The Novella I’m readying for publication now is titled: The Vampire’s Bride. But it’s not what you think. It’s a twisted version of “Dracula’s Guest”. Again, I’m playing with themes of gender, mysticism, and horror.

One of my favorite show’s is True Blood, so I’ve started my own “True Blood” recap blog. Every week I’ll post a recap of the previous Sunday’s episode. Hopefully, people will find the recap’s funny. I actually believe it’s crucial for a writer’s blog to be multi-focused. Just writing about your upcoming releases or sales is boring. And that’s the one crime a writer should avoid at all costs boring the reader.

I’m tremendously excited by the ‘Kindle Reveloution” that Amazon has created. It gives new writers, like myself a way to publish our work. That kind of exposure and access was unheard of just a few years ago. Really, all you need now is the passion and commitment. If you’re thinking about writing, my best advice is to just do it.

Allow yourself to fail in public, it’s OK. There’s no organization that’s going to revoke you’re writers license. I think we learn more from our failures than successes. I’m just a normal person, who really loves to write. I try my best to improve my craft and hope that I only get better and better with each story. As a matter of fact, I just received my first reviews for some of my erotica:
About Me: Erotica writer Victoria Foxxe was born and raised in northern Michigan but as since escaped to sunny California. When she’s not writing she spends time cooking and spending time with her lovable chihuahua. 

Twitter: @VictoriaFoxxe


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