I’m a bad blogger.

And I know it.

Just take my word for it… the time spent NOT here on the blog is time spent in front of my computer, writing some hot stories for you all to read.

And with that said, I have a new story coming this week!

Another one?!

Yes, another one.

This one is HOT… a girl catches her brother’s best friend masturbating to porn.  She’s had the hots for him for years and finally gets enough of an urge to walk up to him, and undress herself…

Wanna see the cover???   🙂

And yet another story!

I’m so excited to be pumping these stories out like this!

A new one is live…


Bobby’s watched his neighbor, Jess, for six months, fantasizing about her. One night, he watches as she begins to masturbate. He can’t help himself, he joins in too.
Then Jess catches him spying as she has two fingers buried deep inside herself. The confrontation that follows starts with Jess showing up naked and ends with leaving every aching desire Bobby has ever had for Jess satisfied…

Fall is for sex!

I just received the next two covers for my upcoming stories due out this week!  They are brilliant… they should both go live the first day of fall.

One story is about a woman watching a man rake leaves… she’s always had a fantasy about him, but today, she decides to enact on it.

The other story will be one of the VERY few that get published for just $0.99.  I won’t tell you the title yet, but I assure you, it’s great.  It’s about a woman who scours the internet for a little fun…

The Sex is Still Good.

I checked and saw that my blog has been quiet since the beginning of September.


Sorry about that!

I’ve been very busy.  I’m writing for two upcoming anthologies.  I’m reading to review some great erotica stories and books.  I’m working on the edits for some new stories coming out soon.  AND I just outlined and got the acceptance for a trilogy… hoping the first book of it could be out before the end of 2012. 

So, yeah, Betty’s been busy.

Stay tuned, things are getting hotter.